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Natural latex is extracted in the tropical forests of Malaysia from the so-called rubber tree, Hevea Brasiliensis. It is from this tree that the finest quality of latex is obtained. Emertex is an elastic pre-vulcanized liquid latex, resistant to water and light. Its high purity and low toxicity makes it an ideal latex for the production of any immersion product.

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Emertex liquid lattex


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The pre-vulcanized Emertex latex is a natural product, does not require any modification and is a “ready to use” that can be used in various ways, by brush / roller, by casting and in dipping processes that require medium hardness.

It is particularly suitable for all types of gloves and for the manufacture of catheters by coagulating or direct immersion process.Emertex can also be used for sealing cans and making toys.

It also own excellent melting characteristics for textiles, metal and other surfaces and has been used successfully as a binder for rubber powder in sports tracks and playground preparations.

It can also be used for the creation of masks and scenographies and in the construction of molds and casts.

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The Emertex latex is suitable for many types of use.

If you are looking for answers to the questions:

  • Is it natural?
  • Can Emertex latex be used in contact with fabrics (e.g. to waterproof them?)
  • Can it be used in contact with the skin (ok dry, but also to harden it directly on the skin)?
  • Is it used pure or does it need a thickener (coagulant) or something like that?
  • Can it be colored? How is it removed?
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