A wide range of applications

Emertex pre-vulcanized latex is a natural product, it can be used in contact with the skin, fabrics, plastics, metals and much more!

It does not require any modification and is a “ready to use” for various immersion applications such as:

  • Balloons (coloring it with powdered pigments)
  • Gloves
  • Pacifiers for babies
  • Masks

As an adhesive:

  • Glue for “light” adhesions between wood, paper, plastics, rubber film, etc.


  • Small renovation works
  • Filling pours (holes, tile joints, holes)


  • Restoration work on canvas (it is applied on the canvas of the painting as a protection for the part that you do not want to damage)
  • Restoration of statues and works


  • Creation of molds
  • Counter-molds

The natural latex is extracted in the tropical forests of Malaysia from the so-called rubber tree, the Hevea Brasiliensis, after a centrifugation process where the impurities are eliminated, it is stabilized with the addition of ammonia in a very low% in order to stabilize it and preserve it from bacteria .

Subsequently, chemical agents are added in order to make the latex molecules pre-crosslinked and promote the vulcanization of the product through heat. It takes a few minutes at 90/100 degrees to obtain the transformation from liquid latex to solid rubber.

Recommended storage conditions

It’s important to store the product in a sheltered place, at a temperature between 10°C and 38°C.
However, during storage, latex surfacing phenomena may occur.
It is therefore necessary to mix the latex well before use. As the product is made from natural rubber latex, just in case.
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Ready to use

The pre-vulcanized Emertex latex is a natural product, it does not require any modification and is a “ready to use” that can be used in various ways, by brush / roller, dipping or casting.

It is used for the making of balloons and gloves, but it is also useful in construction, in restoration, in the construction of molds and casts,
for the creation of masks and scenographies or as an aid in the restoration of fabrics.

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