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Emertex is a latex compound where the molecules of the rubber particles are chemically “bonded” (vulcanized) to each other. This characteristic allows all Emertex latexes to form, once dried, resistant and elastic rubber products.

Charles Goodyear in 1839 discovered by chance (although for years he insisted that it was the result of hard work) that the rubber molecules could “bind” with the addition of Sulfur if heated.

The term Vulcanization was coined from the word “Volcano” God of Fire, where sulfur and heat come from.

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Emertex liquid latex

Extracted in the tropical forests of Malaysia

The natural latex is extracted in the tropical forests of Malaysia from the so-called rubber tree, the Hevea Brasiliensis, after a centrifugation process where the impurities are eliminated, the latex is stabilized with the addition of ammonia in a very low% in order to stabilize and preserve it from bacteria.

Subsequently, chemical agents are added in order to make the latex molecules pre-crosslinked and promote the vulcanization of the product through heat. It takes a few minutes at 90/100 degrees to obtain the transformation from liquid latex to solid rubber.

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Technical features

Colloidal properties

Total solid content (%)                60.3

Mechanical stability (sec)                     1450*

Ammonia content (%)             0.68

Ford Cup 3 Viscosity @ 25°C (sec)    30.5

pH                                                            10.8

Physical properties

Not aged

Module with elongation of 700% (MPa)   12.8

Tensile strength (MPa)                        27.0

Aged (22ore @ 100°C )

% retention of:

Module with elongation of 700%       50 min

Tensile strength                            75*

* Average result

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